Market Research Panel for Latin America & the Caribbean.

Gain Face to Face and Online access to thousands of  highly responsive participants in emerging markets.

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    Our Clients Include:


    About Us

    We make the impossible possible for people seeking to gain market insights from hard to reach audiences.
    We aim to “exceed our clients’ expectations” at every stage of our relationship with them. This is achieved by offering our clients innovative marketing solutions backed by research and consultations to maximize their company’s profitability while enhancing their corporate identity. We offer creative solutions for every budget.
    Our customizable research, marketing and consultation services are managed and executed by a knowledgeable and experienced team of professionals with over 42 years of combined marketing and research expertise.

    Panel Regions

    Caribbean Market Research

    Conducting research in the Caribbean is breeze with us! We over services in over 15 countries/territories. Click on a region below to learn more!

    Trinidad & Tobago
    Dominican Republic
    French Caribbean

    Mexico Market

    We offer access to market research panels and call centers across all 32 Mexican states. Click on a region below to learn more!

    Mexico City
    Baja California

    Central America Market Research

    We conduct research in Central America with comprehensive demographic experience. See a region below to learn more!

    El Salvador
    Costa Rica

    South America Market Research

    Emerging markets in South America can offer new insights for business needs. Click on a region below to learn more about panel services.


    Our Services

    Online & Telephone Surveys

    Online/In-Person Focus Group

    In-Depth Interviews

    Product Testing

    Usability Testing & UX

    Online Discussion Forums

    B2B Audiences

    Conduct research with large,  medium & small businesses across Caribbean & LATAM regions.

    Consumer Audiences

    Get access to a variety of consumers with enhanced demographics. Target according interests, age, gender & more!

    Healthcare Providers & Consumers

    Target healthcare providers & patients across the West Indies and Latin America.

    Our Advantage

    For over 25 years, we have providing market research services in the Caribbean and Latin America. We have an in-depth knowledge target markets and are experienced in providing fast and accurate results.

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  • 24x7 Support
  • Over 25 years experience
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